Esteem Academy of Beauty | 1682 E 5600 S, South Ogden, Utah 84403 | 801-689-3031

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Q: What programs do you offer? 

A: We offer a cosmetology/barbering program, which includes the basics in hair design, nails esthetics, make-up  and barbering.  We also offer a nails only program. 

Q: What are the graduation requirements? 

A:    The state of Utah requires each cosmetology student to complete 1600 hours, pass required exams, and meet all financial obligations. Nail students must complete 300 hours of training, pass required exams, and meet all financial obligations. 

Q: When will classes begin?

A:New enrollment classes for cosmetology will be every month Our next class start date is February 16th 2016 for BOTH Day and Night!

     New enrollment classes for nails will also begin every other month including, February, April, June, August and October. 

Q: What schedules do you offer? 

A: We offer both full-time and part-time for our cosmetology program. Full time students will attend Tuesday-Saturday from 9:00am-5:00pm and part-time students will attend Tuesday-Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm. Evening classes are from 5:30-9:30 Tuesday-Thursday and all If these schedules will not work for you please talk to us and we would be happy to work with your schedule as best we can. 

  We offer a full-time schedule for our nail program, Tuesday - Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm. Finish in only 8 weeks!

Q: How long will the program take? 

A:  Full-time students in cosmetology program can  finish in about 11.5 months and part-time students finish in about 21 months. Finish school and start making money in less than a year! 

      Students enrolled in the nail program will finish in only 8 weeks!

Q: Do you offer any specialty classes or certification?

A:  Yes! We offer many special certification classes as part of our cosmetology curriculum. Students have the opportunity to become certified in many different areas including, photo shoots, hair shows, business, marketing, cutting, styling, make-up, basic aesthetics, nails, barbering and more!

      As a part of our nail program there will be many specialty classes and trainings as well as the opportunity to become certified by Tammy Taylor. 

Q: What is the cost of tuition? 

A: Our tuition cost varies based on scholarships, grants, transfer hours and student kits. We would be happy to answer any questions you have on specific tuition costs.

​Q: How should I pay for it?

A:   There are many financial institutions that offer personal loans or 0% interest visas. We work closely with Mountain America Credit Union  which provides loans to qualifying students. We would be happy to help if you need more specific information about payment options. ​

​Q: Will you help me find a job after I graduate? 

A:  Yes! You will have so many opportunities to meet professionals in different areas of the beauty industry. This will help you determine what direction you would like to go and we want to help in any way we can. 

Q: May I transfer from another beauty school? 

A:  Yes! We would love for you to finish your cosmetology education at Esteem Academy of Beauty. We would be happy to help you if you need more information on how to do this. 

Q: Is there a dress code? 

A:  Yes. Students are required to wear black bottoms i.e. pants, shorts, skirt, dress with a black top black closed toed shoes, and black accessories.

Q: Do you have a referral program? 

Yes! For every student who you refer you will get a customized gift basket worth $200 for the cosmetology program and $50 for the nail program!


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